A company is only ever as good as its leadership. And leadership is where we excel. With an eye on driving maximum profits while creating asset value for our clients, our team of Contractors, technicians, management provides thoughtful, hands-on guidance with a proven track record.


Happy, confident, and well-trained employees are crucial for success. We proudly provide hands-on training to professionals, boosting their confidence and bolstering their commitment to customer satisfaction. Better yet, our key management folks have been with us a long time (and they’re good people, so we plan to keep it that way). Their longevity speaks to how we run MEM INDUSTRIAL ROOFING AND MAINTENANCE (PTY) LTD.

What We Stand For:-


A well capacitate and self sustainable contractor with flexible and dynamic skill development which is responsive to community, public and private sector needs.


To produce high quality of work and make visible impact on social and economic development, by producing an international standards through formation of strong linkages with key stakeholders and focusing on the holistic development of poor communities.


In line with national and provincial objectives, MEM INDUSTRIAL ROOFING AND MAINTENANCE (PTY) LTD Services is the enterprise which obtain the following:-

• To redress the past imbalances and ensure equal opportunities and access to the business sector skills.
• To develop the business sector into a centre of excellence in producing the best quality work.
• To build strong relationship with communities, public and private sectors.
• To develop an effective and efficient administration, this is characterized by culture of team work and performance management.
• To give high quality management to all work awarded.


MEM INDUSTRIAL ROOFING AND MAINTENANCE (PTY) LTD Services is committed to upholding the following:-

• Professional integrity and good work ethic
• Culture of skill learning as learner-ship
• Culture of performance management and team work
• Staff development and holistic development of workers
• Respect for and promotion of cultural diversity
• Democratic principles
• Sound labour and human relations
• Mutual understanding and respecting each other
• Occupational health and safety